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Video lessons on all key topics

Live Zoom sessions on key topics (Options, VaR, Bonds, Derivatives, Statistics)

Practice questions and answers (updated frequently)

Practice Mock Exams

Why Learn FRM Part 1 with Expert Finance Training?

  • Learning approach focused on how to pass exams and weighting given to key topics that requires detailed understanding
  • Live Zoom sessions before exams to prepare students to tackle some of the difficult topics easily
  • Work related practical tips to enhance career options provided by course creator Collin Ratnam who has worked in the Financial Sector since for the last 2 decades.
  • Our teaching approach is based on considering students who might have busy schedules and who might have limited time to learn.


Our training will be providing a greater weighting for statistics due to its coverage in FRM Part 1 also its relevance in other sections of the course and some aspects of statistics is used frequently in most Market Risk related roles.

Pricing of Derivatives

Understanding how Options and other derivatives (Forward contracts, FRA, Swaps, Currency Swaps, Futures etc) are used and valued are key, and our course provides more focus for these topics.

Value at Risk & Bonds

Value at Risk is a key industry topic that many students struggle to understand and this is a topic that's also covered extensively in FRM Part 2. Bonds are covered extensively in FRM Part 1 & 2. Both these topics are covered in detail in the course.

Example Curriculum

  Foundations of Risk Management
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  Quantitative Analysis
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days after you enroll
  Financial Markets & Products
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days after you enroll
  Valuation & Risk Models
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  Questions and Answers
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